From Dock to Stock Process with Accu-Traq

Traceability with Accu-Traq

There is nothing more frustrating or inefficient than not having visibility to a tool or asset in a critical time of need.

Many of us have been there. The tool isn’t in the location it is supposed to be, and you start searching. You find yourself traveling machine to machine, work cell to work cell asking others if they have seen the item. This goes on for a while and you get more and more frustrated the longer you search.

Meanwhile, production is lacking, and wages and time are not being efficiently used. In fact, this is a manager’s worst nightmare, especially in a production environment where you are at risk all because of a lack of visibility and inefficient tracking.

Working with Accu-Traq


Tried and True Technology

Proven Reader and Antenna Technology


Multi-System Integration

API for Integration with Other Technologies


Technology that Grows With You

Asset Tracking, Gage Calibration Tracking, Serialized Item Tracking, Consumable Inventory Tracking and more


Customized for Your Needs

Easily Configured to Support Your Processes. Easy-to-Read Dashboard Makes Locating Inventory Simple