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Digitally Transforming Your Operation One Use Case at a Time

Capabilities Statement

Clients Include

Digital Transformation (DX) Of The Nuclear Power & Utility Sectors

CribMaster Point Of Use Devices

RFID Real Time Locating Solutions

Voted Best New RFID Product Of The Year 2019-RFID LIVE-RF Controls

Assessments/Work Shops/

Facilities Infrastructure Site Surveys

Real Time Locating Of Assets, M&TE, Instrumentations & Controls

Data Management and Integration

Cyber Security, PMMD-Portable Media & Mobile Devices, I&C, M&TE Accountability

“Why do I feel like we are climbing the tower to a big water slide and I am carrying the raft?… We are going to be tired at the top, we are going to get wet, things are going to move quickly, we will probably hold our breath several times and maybe even close our eyes every now and then BUT we will make a hell of a splash when we get to the bottom and our efforts will impact people outside of our pool….. Of course, when we get out of the pool we will say ‘That was fun. Let’s do it again!!'”
Maintenance Services Project OwnerAmeren Callaway
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