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RFID Tracking

Using passive RFID and innovative reader technology to ensure real-time visibility of assets.

Whether it’s managing inventory, tracking critical tools, or locating specific equipment, Accu-traq has the technology to keep your operation running safely and efficiently.

Critical Asset Tracking

Accu-traq’s patent-pending monitoring technology empowers companies with critical assets the ability to track and measure real-time location data.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Our RFID Inventory software uses the latest in passive RFID technology, which enables you to retrieve inventory while automatically accounting for the transaction. replenished automatically.

Inventory Management

As an authorized distributor of CribMaster, Accu-traq brings you cutting-edge inventory management solutions that seamlessly integrate with your operations.

A Complete Solution For Monitoring and Tracking

Accu-traq Technology Is Multi-Faceted Solution, Offering Benefits Across Industry Lines

Commercial Airlines
Nuclear Energy
Valuable Asset Protection
Medical Enterprises
Tool Tracking
Inventory Management
Our Core Software

Accu-traq’s Real Time Locating Software standard module:

The Mission Critical Asset Module 

This module provides real time location of durable, serialized and consumable assets.  For consumable assets, the module provides a real time view of items on the shelf and time stamps when the items leave the stocking area to manage replenishment.

Tomorrow’s Technology – Developed Today

Say Goodbye to Yesterday’s Manual Methods

Where technology meets innovation

With a focus on compliance with safety, accuracy and efficiency, our solution eliminates errors caused by existing paper-based manual methods. 

We leverage and integrate with existing hardware technology such as and RF Controls Steerable,  Phased Array Antennas, Zebra & Sato RFID printers,  CribMaster’s Asset Management Software and Point of Use Devices, with our own Intellectual Property and Software Solutions.

Implementation & Integration with our API.  We have successfully integrated with RMS, Sentiel, OSI P and SNAP DPL’s Digital Twin Solutions.

Real-time location dashboard views and alerts for assets such as  Instrumentation & Controls, Laptops, Key’s, Employees In Confined High Risk Areas, Inventory Management and more.

What We’re Hearing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is the Range of the Antennas?

This depends upon your space and will change for each customer’s unique layout and needs. Accu-traq will perform an on-site (or virtual) evaluation before recommending the number of antennas to cover the needed range.

Q) How do I Determine How to Tag My Items?

Have a unique asset? Not sure how to tag high-dollar valuables, small machines or people? Accu-traq will provide on-site analysis to determine how to tag each unique asset and the ideal method of connection.

Q) Do RFID Tags Have a Battery?

No! Our RFID tags do not use batteries! Our system is designed to use passive RFID tags. Passive RFID tags do not require a battery. A unique aspect of our systems and installations is that we make passive RFID tags act like active RFID tags based on the reader and antenna technology.