We Are Different All The Way Around

Accu-traq was founded to introduce a solution for managing foreign material in refuel outages for their Nuclear Customers.  We use RFID and other technologies to support and enhance these processes. The use of RFID is not new but the difference is our ability to understand the challenge, define or enhance processes, understanding what technologies should be considered, how to make it all work making it easier for the customer while improving processes and reducing risk.

Ultimately...we provide solutions that Align Technology with Business Strategy & Goals.  

A True Partnership Seated in Results

In 2016, Accu-traq was introduced to Sheffield Scientific at the Nuclear Information Technology Strategic Leadership (NITSL) Conference. Sheffield has deep roots and a respected reputation for successful implementation and understanding of current and legacy enterprise software programs in all facets of the utility sectors worldwide. 

Accu-traq had identified a gap that existed in their asset tracking deployments.  Sheffield provided the missing link required for Accu-traq to perfect and make real their sustainable and expandable  solution. Sheffield's agnostic and objective approach provided a trustworthy partner that aligned with Accu-traq's vision to implement solutions  that directly account for verifiable reductions in MWh (Megawatt hour) costs for our Utility customers.  

The two companies entered into an agreement to provide the industry a resource that understands the struggles inherent in the "Manual" Asset Management Approach from an Operations and Maintenance Perspective in addition to the Industry Expertise Required from a Technology and Compliance Vantage Point.

The Steps

Download a brochure to explain the unique steps of our system. It starts from the very first phone call to the smiles after reading the results,  Accu-traq knows how to make it happen.