FME Control

Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) Control

Next-Level FME Management

Accu-Traq understands the dangers of not properly accounting for assets in a nuclear power gen facility. For many years, Accu-Traq has been deeply entrenched helping nuclear power-gen plants develop processes around tools and assets. This is why Accu-Traq maintains partnerships with other technologies like CribMaster, combining technological resources and taking FME control to the next level.

By leveraging passive RFID technology and having a highly flexible platform with simple API integration capabilities, Accu-Traq can help configure a complete solution that best fits your operation while ensuring the highest level of accountability. We work with your FME team to make sure we understand and configure a solution with digital checkpoints and confirmation at every necessary step to ensure the safety and confidence of all of those involved.

Providing Solutions

The Accu-Traq solution uses passive RFID and innovative technology to ensure real-time visibility of assets. The ability to designate home locations and provide real-time visibility of assets, enables Accu-Traq to properly manage the process around having hot and cold locations and greatly reducing or eliminating cross contamination.

Working with Accu-Traq


Tried and True Technology

Proven Reader and Antenna Technology


Multi-System Integration

API for Integration with Other Technologies


Technology that Grows With You

Asset Tracking, Gage Calibration Tracking, Serialized Item Tracking, Consumable Inventory Tracking and more


Customized for Your Needs

Easily Configured to Support Your Processes. Easy-to-Read Dashboard Makes Locating Inventory Simple

Accu-Traq RTLS

Locate RFID Tagged Assets in Real-Time Within 3 Feet Of Their location

Speed: 8 Milliseconds

Accuracy: 0.5 – 3′ Tag Location Accuracy

Distance: 90′ Max read distance, 50′ max ceiling height

Accu-Traq can help the Nuclear Industry combat these Industry Challenges

Retiring Workforce

50% of current workforce retiring in the next 5 years


Nuclear O&M expenses must be reduced to stay in business